OnePlus TV is coming soon: Specifications ,Features and Price

OnePlus TV is coming soon: Features, specifications and everything you need to know about it

OnePlus TV is coming soon: Specifications ,Features


  • The OnePlus TV is predicted to launch among few months.
  • The TV can act as sensible home hub device except for the regular sensible TV stuff.
  • The OnePlus TV might challenge the Xiaomi Mi TV four models in India.


Last week, the technical school community got all hyped with the most recent rumours of the OnePlus TV.
This TV is ready to vie with the already established rivals during this class, with the rumours suggesting that OnePlus might tackle Xiaomi’s Mi TV four series of sensibleTVs in India.
If you are in the unknown about OnePlus TV, then here’s a brief about what it is.Late last year, OnePlus in one among its blogs declared that it’s engaged on a wise TV.
There’s no plan regarding whether or not this may be running on robot TV or another software package however OnePlus at the time assured it’ll supply a totally completely different smart TV experience.

What is OnePlus TV

A few months past, OnePlus said it is working on a new smart TV to get into the TV industry.
Known up to now because the OnePlus TV, the corporate desires to confirm a really sensible TV expertise with all the meaning tweaks and options OnePlus is understood for in the smartphone space.
How can OnePlus TV diverge from alternative sensible TVs With the OnePlus TV, OnePlus is planning to offer a completely different smart TV experience.
OnePlus at the time hinted that the TV can kind a core a part of the sensible home expertise.This indicated the OnePlus TV can act because the sensible home hub device which will modify users to integrate it with alternative sensible appliances.

What do rumours suggest so far

OnePlus TV may well be positioned as a cheaper various to the premium sensible TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony.
When will OnePlus TV launch OnePlus TV is presently rumoured to launch later this year. In fact, Ishan Agarwal same the OnePlus TV might launch shortly, which hints at a launch date within a few months.

However, this is still a rumour and there could be chances that this may not happen.In this case, we should probably stick to original information from the company which promised the TV by mid-2020.

What would be the price of OnePlus TV

So far, there isn’t any plan regarding the expected worth.Given that OnePlus has perpetually been providing its product at less expensive costs in comparison to the thought rivals, it’s expected that the OnePlus TV might sell foraround Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 — a range where it could challenge the premium Xiaomi Mi TV models in India.

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